We Are Not Barbarians

We are not barbarians.  Archbishop Haverland has written a fantastic article that summarizes the importance of Christianity in our culture.  He explains how it applies to the family (especially children) and parish life.  This article is so very important today.  As if he had the first St. John’s video in mind, here is a quote:

We cannot solve the problems of the West or of the United States or of Georgia.  But we can nourish our own families and our parish, the little platoons of order and love and decency that are closest to our hearts.  Week by week and day and by day we can teach our children to sing good hymns and to say the good old words that civilized English speakers have spoken for five centuries and more.  We recite with them the Creeds and tell them the gospel stories that have fed the roots of our world for two millennia.  We explain things to them in categories that men learned in Athens 2500 years ago.  We give them a place to stand firmly, from whence they can judge our naughty world with a critical and perceptive eye.  If they may be somewhat alienated from their contemporaries, at least they will be at home in a universe which their faith makes sense of.  They will share in a far more satisfying culture than that of our present place.  In short, they will not be barbarians.  Now that is doing something ‘for the children’.




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