Ancient Tradition

Anglicanism’s Doctrine is Not Unique, but its Spirituality is Unique A question I often get from friends, is this: why become Anglican if there are other well-known expressions of the ancient Christian faith, such as Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy? The Anglican Patrimony Because of this question being asked, the ancient heritage of Anglicanism needs … [Read more…]


Sacramental Theology One major reason to consider traditional Anglicanism is its sacramental theology.  We need the sacraments because they actually convey grace.  However, the logic of the sacraments is based on the doctrine of the Incarnation.  Supporting this idea during a recent inquirer’s class, Father Rob mentioned how important the sacraments are.  He said: “the sacraments are … [Read more…]


A Prayer Life for All Christians A chief characteristic of traditional Anglicanism is its prayer life.  We are community of Christians, centered around the Book of Common Prayer. The Origin of the Book of Common Prayer Thomas Cranmer condensed a vast amount of material, taken from various types of liturgical books used in the medieval … [Read more…]

Rituals (Importance to Discipleship)

The Importance of Rituals James K.A. Smith demonstrates in this video below why Christians need to discover the power of habit and rituals.  Smith helps us see that we are “liturgical creatures.” Most importantly,  we are designed this way by God.  Therefore, our growth in discipleship should be repetitive and ritualistic too.  Additionally, Smith notes … [Read more…]

Everyone Invited

Traditional Anglicanism is for Everyone Anglicanism has a rich history and development. Therefore, there is much to offer folks coming from other denominations and backgrounds.  Almost every Christian tradition can appreciate something about traditional Anglicanism.  Therefore, it’s worth investigating to see what we are all about. Charismatic/Pentecostal Traditional Anglicanism  offers Charismatic and Pentecostal folks a focus … [Read more…]

A Banner Day for St. John’s

Sunday, June 3, 2017 was a banner day for St. John’s. Our bishop came for his annual visit. We celebrated one infant baptism. The bishop confirmed four adults and received one adult into the Church. There were over 65 people in attendance–a record for our parish. Following the liturgy, we had a Nigerian-style luncheon. This … [Read more…]

On the Trinity

The fundamental revelation about God in the Christian faith is that there is one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, both the Apostles’ and the Nicene Creeds have a three-part structure, being organized around what the Church believes regarding each of the three Divine Persons. Although the term “Trinity” is not … [Read more…]