Robust Theological Approach

Robust Theology

Anglicanism includes insights from both Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.  Because of this, our approach to theology is robust. See for many examples of this.

Reformed and Catholic

Anglicanism is referred to as reformed catholicism.  One coming from a Protestant or Roman Catholic or Orthodox background has the best of the ancient church traditions.  This fact makes us relevant today, given that so many denominations exist in our time.  Why agonize over choosing a Protestant denomination, when there are riches in the traditional Anglican church?

Various Types of Traditional Anglicans

There are many ways Anglicans refer to themselves. Low Church, High Church, Anglo-Catholic, etc.  There are more vocabulary words associated with Traditional Anglicanism as well.  Eventually, you’ll run into words like Caroline Divines,  Oxford Movement,  and Evangelical Anglican.  The important thing to note, regardless of these labels, is the Regula, or the prayer rule.  Additionally, concept of the via media.

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