Sacramental Theology

One major reason to consider traditional Anglicanism is its sacramental theology.  We need the sacraments because they actually convey grace.  However, the logic of the sacraments is based on the doctrine of the Incarnation.  Supporting this idea during a recent inquirer’s class, Father Rob mentioned how important the sacraments are.  He said: “the sacraments are an extension of the Incarnation, in time and in space.”  I personally found this statement very enlightening, as I came from a tradition that didn’t have this sacramental understanding.

The Importance of the Incarnation: Affirmed by All Christians

In conclusion, the importance of the doctrine of the Incarnation is affirmed both by evangelicals and non-evangelicals.  Regarding Anglicanism, we affirm the additional sacramental implications of the Incarnation.  In conclusion, here is a helpful document from a Roman Catholic parish,  for another illustration of how the sacraments work.  For more about this from our parish, please check out our second video.

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