A Fitting Description of St. John’s

This morning we heard a wonderful homily about the true Christian life.  For those of us there, and for those who stayed for prayer time afterward, it was truly a Spirit-filled day.  I came across a quote that describes much of what Fr. Piotr was trying to get across to us: “The true faith in … [Read more…]

Love of Country

This morning Father Rob prayed for our country.  Here are some various prayers for the country, the President, and other leaders in civil government. From 1928 Book of Common Prayer For Our Country. ALMIGHTY God, who hast given us this good land for our heritage; We humbly beseech thee that we may always prove ourselves … [Read more…]

We Are Not Barbarians

We are not barbarians.  Archbishop Haverland has written a fantastic article that summarizes the importance of Christianity in our culture.  He explains how it applies to the family (especially children) and parish life.  This article is so very important today.  As if he had the first St. John’s video in mind, here is a quote: … [Read more…]

Anglican Spirituality

A Place of Refuge – And Power In the first of St. John’s videos, Father Rob describes how traditional Anglicanism, for many people, is a place of refuge and comfort.  Our culture has changed so much over the years.  It is comforting to know that there exists a place in the catholic church that doesn’t follow … [Read more…]


God-Centered Paradigm Traditional churches today are by definition counter-cultural.  Partly, because they are God-centered.  Traditional Anglican churches are even MORE counter-cultural.  The emphasis on the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, the Sacraments, the Liturgy, etc. seems a little old-fashioned to some.  One might ask: what is the relevance in today’s culture?  Well, a helpful … [Read more…]

Robust Theological Approach

Robust Theology Anglicanism includes insights from both Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.  Because of this, our approach to theology is robust. See http://catholic-resources.org/Both-And.htm for many examples of this. Reformed and Catholic Anglicanism is referred to as reformed catholicism.  One coming from a Protestant or Roman Catholic or Orthodox background has the best of the ancient church traditions.  This fact … [Read more…]

Ancient Tradition

Anglicanism’s Doctrine is Not Unique, but its Spirituality is Unique A question I often get from friends, is this: why become Anglican if there are other well-known expressions of the ancient Christian faith, such as Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy? The Anglican Patrimony Because of this question being asked, the ancient heritage of Anglicanism needs … [Read more…]


Sacramental Theology One major reason to consider traditional Anglicanism is its sacramental theology.  We need the sacraments because they actually convey grace.  However, the logic of the sacraments is based on the doctrine of the Incarnation.  Supporting this idea during a recent inquirer’s class, Father Rob mentioned how important the sacraments are.  He said: “the sacraments are … [Read more…]


A Prayer Life for All Christians A chief characteristic of traditional Anglicanism is its prayer life.  We are community of Christians, centered around the Book of Common Prayer. The Origin of the Book of Common Prayer Thomas Cranmer condensed a vast amount of material, taken from various types of liturgical books used in the medieval … [Read more…]